The grass is always greener

Established in 2019, Grass Fires has gained a cult following among young creatives, quickly becoming one of Australia’s most revered print magazines. With subcultural affiliations spanning contemporary art, skateboarding, music, and pop culture, Grass Fires shines a light on the people at the top of their game in these spheres, blurring the line between lowbrow and highbrow. At Grass Fires, they are as equally fascinated by internationally acclaimed fine artists as they are with gritty street skateboarders and divergent musicians. CB has been partnering with this niche publication over the last few issues (it’s where we released our new identity to the world) and we will continue to support initiatives like this. Chris Bradley, founder of Grass Fires says, “The goal has always been to create a platform where we can recognise and inspire creative minds and to authentically represent the cultures that we are a part of. CB has helped us along the way and we’re very appreciative of that.”

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